Post-pandemic future: development of farming

Post-pandemic future: development of farming


Today, the consequences of the pandemic for both the Ukrainian farming and the entire country’s economy are unpredictable. Dramatic changes occurred in sales. Agricultural products are no longer sold at markets and in concession stands. Therefore, the demand for goods has changed. This fact together with the current extension of quarantine might put the following agricultural sectors on the brink of survival:

  • milk production;
  • farms growing vegetables, fruits and berries.

Due to the expected decline in domestic demand for these products, small farmers may even go bankrupt.

Other factors that negatively affected the farming sector are: 

  • dependence of the sowing season on imports;
  • problems with logistics;
  • increasing cost of production due to the tight restrictions and quarantine measures;
  • shortage of workers.

Governmental restrictions, insufficient provision of safe working conditions, as well as the fear of the coronavirus infection, have significantly reduced the usual number of manpower. These factors especially affected the number of seasonal workers.

Lack of workers means there is no one to sow and harvest the crops. This means that Ukraine may face a shortage in agricultural products supply not only in the first year after the pandemic.

Currently, we cannot really feel the effect of the pandemic crisis in full, thanks to the existing food reserves. However, we need to be prepared for a significant increase in prices and the reduction in the selection of fresh products with time.