Terra Gifti vegetable oils: healthier nation is our priority

Terra Gifti vegetable oils: healthier nation is our priority


Since 2019 ‘GRANDE GUSTO’ LLC has been producing vegetable oils of various types under the trademark Terra Gifti. The product is free from chemical additives. We offer 4 main types of vegetable oil at wholesale: sunflower, pumpkin seed, sesame and flax oils. 

Our mission is to provide Ukrainian consumers with ecologically clean products. We offer edible oils of high quality thanks to permanent control of each production stage: 

  1. Purchasing of raw materials. We buy crops in compliance with crop rotation standards from both local and foreign agricultural enterprises. Our vendors have all required quality certificates. 
  2. The oil crops are cultivated in the ecologically clean region (the village of Savarka, Boguslavsky District) on 5 hectares of our private land and leased areas.
  3. Harvesting and shipment.
  4. Processing of crops with new equipment produced in 2019. Modern extruder presses operate at a temperature of 50°C, which enables the preservation of nutrition value and natural flavour of vegetable oils.
  5. Filtration.
  6. Bottling on ROSMA bottling line. Different stages of deaeration, carbonation, and nitriding allow our oils to maintain its original taste for one year. 

The HACCP system adopted at the production site ensures quality as well as the compliance with technological, environmental and safety standards of production processes. The production has all required supporting documents, certificates and test records.

Thanks to the high quality and organic nature of Terra Gifti products, our customers’ sales are constantly growing, whereas the health of the nation is improving. Join us and discover new business opportunities!