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Terra Gifti: an oil created to take care of the health of the nation

TOV “GRANDE GUSTO” – manufacturer of vegetable oils Terra Gifti. Since 2019, we have been manufacturing and selling wholesale environmentally friendly product without the addition of chemicals. Focused on creating 4 types: sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and linseed oils.

We make such a high-quality product that your Terra Gifti sales revenue will not only be stable, but constantly growing.

Our mission is to make an environmentally friendly product for consumers in Ukraine. We are chosen by those business owners who understand the role of ecology in the modern world and share our values.

We are confident in the quality of Terra Gifti oils, because we control all stages of production. The process includes:

• purchase of raw materials: some from local agricultural enterprises, some are imported from abroad with all accompanying and supporting quality documents; we observe crop rotation for the subsequent sowing of crops for production;

• growing Pancake week crops on 5 hectares of their own sown land and additionally leased area in an ecologically clean region of Ukraine: the village of Savarka, Boguslavsky district;

• collection and transportation to our own factory, where new equipment of 2019 was installed, due to which the manufacturability of the production process is ensured in accordance with high safety and environmental standards;

• processing of raw materials on extruder presses at temperatures up to 50 degrees, due to which all the useful and taste qualities of oils are preserved;

• filtering;

• spill on the ROSMA bottling line, which was created specifically for sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and linseed oils; ROSMA includes sites of saturation, deaeration and nitriding, which allows you to maintain the original taste of the product for 1 year.

At the Terra Gifti plant, the HACCP system (HACCP) was introduced, which involves the analysis of risks, hazardous factors and control of critical points. The production has accompanying documents, certificates for vegetable oils and test reports.

To order a trial batch of Terra Gifti oils, call: +380970155882 or use the feedback form at the bottom of the site.




Manufacturer's address:

04080, Ukraine, Kyiv, str. Kyrylivska, d. 82, note. 256

Production capacity address:

09710, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boguslavsky district, p. Sawarka str. Sloboda 27
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